Full texts

The FID Criminology offers various access opportunities to full text documents, which we intend to further improve and extend.

KrimDok already offers the opportunity to access electronic journal entries, the user found during their research, directly with a link attached to the results. In the future, the database will also contain references for relevant e-books. In case the document is not available under open-access conditions, you may access it, if your personal library account owns the according licence.

Furthermore, a list of open-access-journals was established, which contains criminology specific journals but also journals of reference sciences. This content is available from any location due to the fact that no licence is needed.

Within the projects “DigiKrimDok” and the “Criminological Repository” further relevant full text documents are provided. All documents can easily be researched and accessed by utilizing the KrimDok.


On the DigiKrimDok portal page, the FID Criminology provides digitalized older and often times out-of-print or out-of-stock individual works, periodicals and journals of high scientific and historical value for free. We are currently digitalizing single suitable documents based on demand.

Criminological Repository

The Criminological Repository contains a collection of grey literature online publications, which are very relevant to research but unfortunately spread out online and often difficult to find and access. Most of the time, those documents are reports of different government or research institutions and other institutions, as well as crime statistics of various regions, evaluations of practices and policies, etc.
If you or your institution owns documents as described above, which are not yet accessible in our repository, we would appreciate it, if you would notify us at fidkrim@ifk.uni-tuebingen.de