Byers, Andrew

Occupation: Historiker
Corporate Relations: Duke University
Geographical Relations: Country: United States (XD-US)
Biographical References: GND (1102899291)

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035 |a (DE-588)1102899291 
035 |a (DE-627)860456862 
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100 1 |a Byers, Andrew 
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510 2 |0 (DE-627)100973108  |0 (DE-576)190383429  |0 (DE-588)42506-0  |a Duke University  |4 affi  |w r  |i Affiliation  |e Affiliation 
550 |0 (DE-627)104675276  |0 (DE-576)208959203  |0 (DE-588)4025098-2  |a Historiker  |4 berc  |w r  |i Charakteristischer Beruf 
550 |a Ph.D.  |4 akad  |w r  |i Akademischer Grad 
670 |a LCAuth 
678 |b Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, USA. He researches the history of the regulation of the human body and the intersection of science, sexuality, and law in civilian and military contexts also his research interests include popular culture, biopolitics, and the history of geek culture. 
692 |a The role-playing society 
ORI |a SA-MARC-krimdokc001.raw 
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