Katz, Allan J

Occupation: Psychotherapeut
Geographical Relations: Wirkungsort: Memphis, Tenn.
Country: United States (XD-US)
Biographical References: GND (1326342371)

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100 1 |a Katz, Allan J 
550 |0 (DE-627)106193708  |0 (DE-576)209074574  |0 (DE-588)4047743-5  |a Psychotherapeut  |4 beru  |w r  |i Beruf 
551 |0 (DE-627)105817007  |0 (DE-576)209490314  |0 (DE-588)4115092-2  |a Memphis, Tenn.  |4 ortw  |w r  |i Wirkungsort 
670 |a LCAuth 
678 |b s a licensed professional counselor (LPC/MHSP) in private practice in Memphis, Tennessee, where he treats compulsive behaviors and addictions, both substance and process; is a certified sex addiction therapist 
692 |a Experiential group therapy interventions with DBT 
692 |a Navigating the phases of sex addiction recovery 
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