Brown, Amanda ca. 20./21.Jh.

Geographical Relations: Geburtsort: Belfast
Country: Canada (XD-CA)
Biographical References: GND (1325486159)

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001 1885245548
003 DE-627
005 20240408214036.0
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024 7 |a  |2 uri 
035 |a (DE-588)1325486159 
035 |a (DE-627)1885245548 
040 |a DE-627  |b ger  |c DE-627  |e rda 
043 |c XD-CA 
079 |a g  |b p  |c v  |q f  |v piz 
100 1 |a Brown, Amanda  |d ca. 20./21.Jh. 
548 |a ca. 20./21.Jh.  |4 datl  |w r  |i Lebensdaten 
551 |0 (DE-627)106067923  |0 (DE-576)209219432  |0 (DE-588)4080332-6  |a Belfast  |4 ortg  |w r  |i Geburtsort 
678 |b was born in Belfast and grew up in Ballymoney. She is a qualified reflexologsit and aromatherapist and her business is registered as a safe space for victims of domestic violence 
ORI |a WA-MARC-krimdokc001.raw 
SUB |a KRI  |b 1