Coenen, Els

Occupation: Yogalehrerin / Physikerin
Geographical Relations: Country: Belgium (XA-BE)
Biographical References: GND (1306961920)

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LEADER 00000nz a2200000n 4500
001 1867295741
003 DE-627
005 20231023212750.0
008 231023n||aznnnabbn | aaa |c
024 7 |a  |2 uri 
035 |a (DE-588)1306961920 
035 |a (DE-627)1867295741 
040 |a DE-627  |b ger  |c DE-627  |e rda 
043 |c XA-BE 
079 |a g  |b p  |c v  |q f  |v piz 
100 1 |a Coenen, Els 
550 |0 (DE-627)579345963  |0 (DE-576)286467674  |0 (DE-588)7627790-2  |a Yogalehrerin  |4 beru  |w r  |i Beruf 
550 |0 (DE-627)151950628  |0 (DE-576)211375748  |0 (DE-588)4337175-9  |a Physikerin  |4 berc  |w r  |i Charakteristischer Beruf 
550 |a Ph.D.  |4 akad  |w r  |i Akademischer Grad 
670 |a LCAuth 
678 |b Ph.D. in nuclear physics in 1985 and subsequently established a career in the banking, IT, and telecom sectors within her home country, Belgium. However, her life took a transformative turn in 2007 at the age of 49, when she attended her first Kundalini Yoga class taught by Yogi Bhajan and was instantly captivated. She went on to become a devoted Kundalini Yoga instructor, teaching yoga, assisting and organizing Kundalini Yoga teacher training programs in Belgium, neighboring countries, and East Africa. For a decade, she also presided over the Belgium Kundalini Yoga Federation 
692 |a Under the yoga mat 
ORI |a WA-MARC-krimdokc001.raw 
SUB |a KRI  |b 1