Jenkinson, Andrew

Other Names:
  • Jenkinson, A. J.
  • Jenkinson, Andy
Geographical Relations: Country: United Kingdom (XA-GB)
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GND (1287822312)

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  • Jenkinson, A. J.
  • Jenkinson, Andy


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100 1 |a Jenkinson, Andrew 
400 1 |a Jenkinson, A. J. 
400 1 |a Jenkinson, Andy 
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670 |a LCAuth  |b Stand: 22.08.2023  |u 
670 |b Stand: 22.08.2023  |u 
678 |b Cyber Sicherheits Experte ; ... "is CEO of Cybersec Innovation Partners. 8 years Risk, compliance and Cyber Security experience. 20 years prior CEO of Charterhouse Risk and Compliance, led a total team from zero to over 500 resources of technical experts including leading a program for Sun Microsystems as a client for nearly ten years and other government contracts. After publishing his first book, Stuxnet to Sunburst and Ransomware and Cybercrime, Andrew was subsequently made a Fellow of the Cyber Theory Institute and acknowledged as a Thought Leader in the field of Public Key Infrastructure, Domain Name System, both the fundamental basic of all security. He has also been named as one of the worlds leading 30 Cyber Security Experts by The European Institute of Risk" 
692 |a Ransomware and Cybercrime 
692 |a Digital blood on their hands 
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