Sicangco, Maria Cecilia T.

Occupation: Juristin
Corporate Relations: Asian Development Bank
Geographical Relations: Country: Philippines (XB-PH)
Biographical References: GND (1279117591)

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001 1832389162
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024 7 |a  |2 uri 
035 |a (DE-588)1279117591 
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043 |c XB-PH 
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100 1 |a Sicangco, Maria Cecilia T. 
510 2 |0 (DE-627)103418288  |0 (DE-576)191246891  |0 (DE-588)1019880-5  |a Asian Development Bank  |4 affi  |w r  |i Affiliation  |e Affiliation 
550 |0 (DE-627)104535458  |0 (DE-576)209615885  |0 (DE-588)4130076-2  |a Juristin  |4 berc  |w r  |i Charakteristischer Beruf 
678 |b is a senior legal officer at the Asia Development Bank (ADB). ... holds a bachelor of applied economics and accountancy double degree from De La Salle University... master of law in international legal studies degree at New York University - is a Philippine- and US qualified lawyer and a certified public accountant. She is a member of the World Commission on Environmental Law 
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