Hölzel, Ursula

This entry may be related to multiple persons with different variants of the same name.

Other Names:
  • Ricken, Ursula nafr r Frueherer Name Frueherer Name

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  • Ricken, Ursula


LEADER 00000cz a2200000o 4500
001 1231450525
003 DE-627
005 199303180000.0
008 850101n||aznnnabbn | abc |c
035 |a (DE-627)1231450525 
035 |a (DE-576)161450520 
079 |a g  |b n  |c x  |q f 
100 1 |a Hölzel, Ursula 
400 1 |a Ricken, Ursula  |4 nafr  |w r  |i Frueherer Name  |e Frueherer Name 
ORI |a SA-MARC-krimdokc001.raw 
SUB |a KRI  |b 1