Ariel, Barak

Geographical Relations: Country: United Kingdom (XA-GB)
Biographical References: GND (1166107493)

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100 1 |a Ariel, Barak 
550 |a PhD  |4 akad  |w r  |i Akademischer Grad 
670 |a Homepage  |b Stand: August 2018  |u 
678 |b Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, (2009:)Ph.D. (Criminology) Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 
692 |a Ajzenstadt, Mimi: Counter terrorism policy and risk assessment 
692 |a Deterrence and moral persuasion effects on corporate tax compliance 
692 |a The young experimental criminologist's guide to research 
692 |a Wearing body cameras increases assaults against officers and does not reduce police use of force 
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